We're proud to support some wonderful local organizations doing great work in in our backyard.


Ohio is a state that is extremely friendly to do business in for craft beer and the result is almost 200 breweries within its borders and hundreds more a short drive away in our neighboring states.

You can usually find your favorite local brewery's beer at your neighborhood watering hole and in a lot of cases they are the neighborhood watering hole!  Breweries, brewpubs, bars, and restaurants dedicated to serving local beer chose their communities for a reason and are some of the most genuinely kind people working for them that you'll ever meet.

Giving back to their local community is something a lot of people in the craft beer industry are already doing and Helping Hops would like to recognize them for their efforts.   Where possible we would like to connect them to other local groups that advance the causes of social sustainability in the area.

Check out some of the active Funding Campaigns we have going on through Helping Hops.  If you're interested in helping in any way see how to GET INVOLVED.